About Me

“All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”
— Richard Avedon


Frank Fischbach

I am a photographer based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

I started with photography when I was a child. My father bought a single lens reflex from Canon (AE1-Program) and after a while I could use it better than he could.

After moving to the digital age, I rediscovered photography in its digital shape. I am a computer scientist by trade, and so the digitial age of photography melted my two passions.

I started out scouting famous locations for landscape shots, getting up early to catch the first rays of sunlight. This was always hard as I am a ‘late-raiser’ and would much prefer to sleep in. I really love Italy as it has a unique variety of landscapes. I have travelled and photographed the beautiful white sand beaches in the south, breathtaking rock faces of the Dolomites, rolling hills of northern Tuscany, hidden small upcountry villages and famous historic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice.

While enjoying the calm and peace of landscapes, I was looking for new subjects to shoot. I stumbled across CrossFit competitions. Photographing sports people is a great counterpart to nature photography. I have been travelling across Europe shooting throwdowns and competitions for the last couple of years.

This is how I found my way into photographing people. While there is no control over the weather and light in nature photography, shooting in a studio opens new opportunities for creativity. In the age of Instagram, Flickr and 500px, people are definitely more unique than landscapes.